Why choosing US? Here are a few good reasons:

1) The long-standing experience and specialization in specific work areas of our translators and interpreters is a guarantee of competence and terminology quality.
2) Because of our long-term partnership with the best interpreters on the market, we offer a very good quality-price ratio to our clients.
3) We implement an established work management practice, from interpreter selection to service logistics.
4) Audio System delivery in simultaneous interpreting: our client will be provided them with the most modern and advanced equipment - cabines, headphones, microphones, audio broadcasting system - hired from the best professionals in the field with appropriate technical assistance (assembly, testing, disassembly, etc.).
5) Interpreters' punctuality: these will show up at the service location well in advance of the start of the event so to meet the client and (possibly) the speakers, as well as verify (where necessary) that the audio broadcasting system and their locations are fully operational and functional.

We provide in 30 languages the following services:

SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETING - The interpreter, sitting in a muffled cab, listens to the speaker with headphones and translates "directly", with the aid of a console, what the speaker is saying. This type of interpreting is ideal in high-profile conferences and meetings, both practically and visually.

CHUCHOTAGE (or whispering) - A form of simultaneous interpreting where the interpreter is sitting next to the person (2 max.) to whom they whisper the translation of the speaker's speech.

CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETING - The interpreter translates the speaker's speech by single groups of sentences (the speech is divided into sections). Usually, the interpreter is sitting next to the speaker, listening to him/her and taking notes while (s)he is speaking; when the speaker comes to a halt, the interpreter performs the translation.

LIAISON INTERPRETING - The interpreter accompanies one or more foreigners visiting a company, or to an informal meeting where just a summary of the attendees' speeches is needed.

FAIR INTERPRETING - It takes place at trade fairs both in Italy and abroad.

TELEPHONE INTERPRETING - The interpreter contacts by phone a certain number of (potential) clients on behalf of a company, either from its headquarters or from their own home.

LEGAL (COURT) INTERPRETING - It takes place at courthouses or administrative tribunals, during court proceedings where the interpreter is asked to just summarize the speeches of judges, lawyers, defendants, witnesses or others.


All sensitive data from the documents sent to us by our clients will be kept solely for storage purposes, and NEVER disclosed to third parties. When deemed appropriate, confidentiality agreements will be signed between the agency and the client.


Neo-Latin Languages

Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian

Germanic Languages

German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish

Slavic Languages

Slovenian, Croatian, Serb, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Russian

Uralic Languages

Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian

Baltic Languages

Lithuanian, Lettonian

Other Indo-European Languages

Greek, Albanian

Middle Eastern Languages

Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew

Asian Languages

Chinese, Japanese, Korean


Our rates vary depending on the:
1) type of service requested - for ex., liaison and telephone interpreting have lesser costs than the other types
2) language pair
3) duration of the service: for simultaneous and consecutive interpreting the pricing unit is a full workday (7 hours), whereas for liaison interpreting it is a full workday (8 hours) or half a workday (4 hours); extra working hours will be charged separately
4) distance between the service location and the interpreter's homeplace: where necessary, the interpreter's transfer expenditures will be charged (car, train, etc.) as well as any overnight, upon presentation of the related receipts


E-mail us at: info@just-your-web.com
We'll let you know the costs and details of the service.