Why choosing US? Here are a few good reasons:

1) The long-standing experience and specialization in specific work areas of our translators and interpreters is a guarantee of competence and terminology quality.
2) Because of our long-term partnership with the best translators on the market, we offer a very good quality-price ratio to our clients;
3) We implement an established work management practice, from translator selection to document delivery;
4) Working almost exclusively online, we cut down operational times and costs.
5) Punctuality in translation delivery.

We provide in more than 40 languages the following services:

1) LEGAL TRANSLATIONS (contracts, statutes, notarial deeds, proxies, decrees, patents, expertises, child custodies, regulations, etc.)

2) TECHNICAL AND INDUSTRIAL TRANSLATIONS (manuals, data sheets, catalogues, quality certification procedures, product specifications, etc.)

3) FINANCIAL TRANSLATIONS (balance sheets, economic statements, outlooks, reports, financial/economic analisis, finance articles, auditing standards, etc.)

4) COMMERCIAL AND MARKETING TRANSLATIONS (business letters, e-mails, invoices, promotional material, newsletters, etc.)

5) SCIENTIFIC AND MEDICAL TRANSLATIONS (studies, researches, reports, etc.)

6) IT TRANSLATIONS (software and hardware localization, user manuals, etc.)

7) JOURNALISM TRANSLATIONS (editorials, articles about history, art history, anthropology, philosophy, sociology, etc.)

8) TOURISM TRANSLATIONS (depliants, brochures, catalogues, etc.)

9) LITERARY TRANSLATION (essays, biographies, novels, poems, tales, etc.)

10) AUDIOVISUAL TRANSLATIONS (scripts, subtitles, videogames, etc.)

11) TRANSLATION of PERSONAL DOCUMENTS (personal correspondence, e-mails, letters, graduation thesis, invoices, etc.)

- CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS: certified and legalized translation of contracts, statutes, diplomas, CVs, certificates, etc.

- WEBSITE TRANSLATION AND LOCALIZATION (graphics and/or content adaptation to the target market)

- SIMULTANEOUS and CONSECUTIVE TRANSLATION (at conferences, meetings, workshops, etc.)

- LIAISON INTERPRETING (during visits to factories, plants, etc.), FAIR INTERPRETING, PHONE and LEGAL INTERPRETING (at courts)


All sensitive data from the documents translated will be kept by Just-Your-Web solely for storage purposes, and NEVER disclosed to third parties. When deemed appropriate, confidentiality agreements will be signed between the agency and the client.


Neo-Latin Languages

Italian, French, Spanish, Catalan, Galitian, Portuguese, Romanian

Germanic Languages

German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish

Slavic Languages

Slovenian, Croatian, Serb, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Slovak, Czech, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian

Uralic Languages

Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian

Baltic Languages

Lithuanian, Lettonian

Other Indo-European Languages

Greek, Albanian

Middle Eastern Languages

Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew

Asian Languages

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Bangli, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Farsi

African Languages

Swahili, Bantu, Yoruba


Our rates range from Euro 0.09 to Euro 0.18 + VAT (21%) per source word.
Rates vary depending on the language, type of document, length of the text and delivery time (rates are increased in the case of urgencies).
Progressive bulk discounts are applied for very long texts (over 10,000 words).


Please, send the document to translate to:
We'll let you know the cost, delivery method and time.